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Architecture Essay

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Sto AG | Facade

Facade coatings with Lotus-Effect®

Keeping your facade clean with a paint or plaster finish: StoLotusan Color and StoLotusan K/MP

Nothing compares with nature’s perfection. And nature has long been discovered as a veritable “treasure chest” of ideas which can be applied to cutting-edge technology. Sto has also drawn on nature’s model. Our rigorous research and development efforts have enabled us to combine biology and technology in an innovative manner to produce the new facade coatings with Lotus-Effect®.

The sludge test demonstrates the effect: The surface coated with StoLotusan facade plaster stays clean and attractive.

The Lotus-Effect®: Dirt runs off with the rain
Conventional facade coating How facade coatings with Lotus-Effect® work

As seen under the electron microscope: On the left the surface of the lotus leaf and on the right the virtually identical surface of StoLotusan.

Conventional facade coating: The surface is less hydrophobic and thus more susceptible to wetting with water. Dirt particles find it easier to obtain a hold.

The microtextured surface reduces the available contact area for dirt and water to a minimum.

The surface is additionally ultra-hydrophobic. The rain drops roll off the surface immediately, taking the only loosely deposited dirt particles with them.

It’s an all too familiar story: Soiling on facades becomes increasingly conspicuous and the facades increasingly unsightly over the course of time. The sides of buildings which are exposed to the weather suffer particularly severely, with moisture and deposits of dirt providing the ideal environment for colonisation by microorganisms. Deposits of dirt can be reduced substantially with StoLotusan Color or StoLotusan K/MP. Similarly to the lotus leaf, paint and plaster incorporating the Lotus-Effect® possess a highly water-repellent surface with a special microstructure. Dirt particles are unable to obtain a hold on this surface – rain falling...

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