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Are Science and Religion in Conflict? Essay

  • Submitted by: mlkeller0313
  • on January 8, 2013
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Are science and religion in conflict?
Jeff Keller
Mind and Machine PHI200
Michael Larson

    “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”.   Then God proceeded to create the land and the sea, the day and the night, and then the trees and the grass.   God then continued to create the animals that would wander the land.   Finally God created man out of dust and breathed life into him.   God saw all of this and He was pleased (KJBO,Genesis 1, n.d.).   Or did humans evolve from chimps?   Therefore, creating Homo erectus, who was the first to walk out of Africa and is considered to be the intermediate stage between chimps and the modern Homo sapiens (humans) (Holden,2004).   How were humans created?   Were they created by God with Adam and Eve, or as evolution states from chimps like Homo erectus?   These types of questions start the debate as to whether the method and the aims of religion and science are different.   In this paper we will ask the question as to whether there are exclusive contradictions between them.
The specific issue here is if there is a conflict between religion and science.   In the last two hundred years science and theology have traveled their different paths.   Science has been regularized by professionalization which grants it greater authority.   Theological activity has become diffused by decreased ability to professionalize theologians: with a loss of status and authority (Levinson, 2006).   There have been many conflicts during the centuries between religion and science.   In the seventeenth century there was the “Galileo affair” in which Galileo argued against the prevailing Ptolemaic-Aristotelian system by stating the sun was at the center of the universe (Levinson, 2006).   In the eighteenth century came another conflict between religion and science with the geology and biblical chronology which disputed the age of the earth.   The age of the earth was taken from the old testament of the bible because there was no way to...

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