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Arguements Essay

  • Submitted by: isjustsum1
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Paola Betances


History shows America wasn’t the first country to begin welfare nor is it new to the world. Government welfare has been going on since before anyone can take note, but it first became official when England decided to make welfare a law. One article states, “The threat to civil disorder led to an Act of the Elizabethan Poor Law to be passed through parliament in 1563. The different types of poor people were categorized in order to determine the treatment that they might receive.”
The purpose of government is to help the people in need. The federal government uses tax money for Social Security, healthcare, national defense, food stamps and housing. It also uses tax money for public schools, safe highways, and prisons.
What really started welfare in the United States was when the Great Depression hit in the 1930s, the stock market had crashed and left many people without jobs also left people unable to make ends meet. Welfare proved that everyone needs help at times. Even the people who made a lot of money were losing jobs, becoming homeless, all due to America’s economy.
The amount of taxes collected by the federal government had increased and then slowly decreased as the economy was slowly increasing again. The next quote explains how the taxes changed throughout time. By 1945 it “reached an incredible 91%... until 1963 it was reduced to 70%. In comparison, today’s top tax rate is 35%.” The quote is supposed to signify the amount of taxes that were taken from the people to improve the economy. Clearly pointing out that the people make the economy. The economy needed the help of the people, so it can lift the poor, so that the poor can also contribute to the economy. After all the taxes were collected during those years, the tax percentage rate eventually decreased due to policies passed to benefit more wealthy people . Also making another point that when the people receive, the people give back to the country making...

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