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Argumentative Essay

  • Submitted by: mickdick
  • on October 20, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Micaela Richter
ENG 102: First Year Composition
28 September 2013
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Cant Lose.

  * I remember when people enjoyed shows like Friends but times have definitely changed. In other words new television shows come out every year but it has become clear that the shows that succeed nowadays are nothing like during the times when shows like Friends came out. Moreover people during that time period were looking for wholesome, “clean” shows, but now most people are looking for quite the opposite. When writers begin the process of creating a new show these are things that they must consider in order for the show succeed or not get canceled due to viewer ratings. Of course when a show first starts it is hard to say whether it will succeed as being a show that people want to see more of and for this reason many shows don’t last for more than a season. In fact as years come and go so does the criteria that people are looking for in a show. By the same token shows like Family Guy and Orange is the New Black seem to be the ones that people want to see more of. Even more these shows are filled with foul language, racial references, and a lot of sexual content, that is to say that is what sells nowadays and not everyone is happy about that. In fact People can go years without finding a show they truly enjoy and get hooked into. So one may wonder what are consistent traits in a show that can with stand the tests of time? Well Friday Nights Lights seemed to be one of the few shows that was able to have all the characteristics that people want in a television series such as sports, strong emotions, it was relatable, romance, drama and comical behavior. Since this show does not fit the mold that many other shows have, it is important to analyze why this show was seemingly so successful.
  * Friday Night Lights is ranked high on almost every website and for very good reasons; the realistic characters, storyline, and the emotions. Nonetheless many...

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