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Arraged Marriages in the Indian Culture Essay

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  • on September 18, 2012
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Arranged Marriages in the Indian Culture
Kaitlin N. Brooks
San Diego State University

I. Introduction
      A. (Attention Getter) After eight months of wedding preparation, it seemed nothing could have gone wrong on that evening in November, 1992. An elephant—symbol of a new beginning—showed up a bit tardy. Otherwise, for Paritosh Malaviya, 25, it was the longest and sweetest ride of his life—to face an arranged marriage, Indian style. Paritosh and his bride, Shikha, 22, were introduced by eager parents from both the United States and India. Shikha’s aunt, who had stolen a photograph of her, showed it to Paritosh’s mother, who showed it to the prospective groom. The Malaviyas are one of hundreds of Indian couples in the United States who have adopted the centuries-old tradition of arranged marriages (Nambiar, 1993).
      B. (Reason to Listen) The tradition of arranged marriage, while alien to most Americans, is still in practice not only in India, but here in the United States. In order to become more culturally aware, I would like to share with you how the Indian culture views marriage.
      C. (Speaker Credibility) While not Indian myself, I am a senior majoring in religious studies with a special interest in Indian culture. I have researched the topic for several papers.
      D. (Thesis) Arranged marriages are age-old and elaborate traditions that although continuing, are being altered by Western influences.
      E. (Preview) To help you better understand arranged marriages in the Indian culture, I would like to first focus on the often surprising ages at which girls are married. Second, I will discuss the importance of the dowry. Last, I will talk about the current trends in the age-old custom of arranged marriages.
      II. Body
      A. (First main point) The marriages of young children, of young girls to older men, of children to each other, are not...

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