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Arranged Marriages Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on October 6, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Would it be a good thing if our parents chose who we married; or would it destroy love in general?   Arranged marriages occur when someone, other than yourself, chooses a partner for you based on their opinion. They are very popular in places such as South Asia, Middle East, and Africa.   Reasons that they might pick the person for you can be for their wealth, religion, or caste. Through research, I've found arguments that are for arranged marriages, against it, and I have also concluded my personal opinion.  
I came across many good points about the act of arranged marriages during my research. One, would be that the divorce rate is much lower in countries where the people are arranged a companion. It is said that the arranged couple fall in love slower, making the relationship last much longer. Also, they believe that young adults are too immature to make wise decisions on who they marry. The last reason that I found, was that there is someone for everyone through arranged marriages. For instance, there are many people who could never find someone for themselves if it wasn't for them being arranged to a husband or wife. Plus, you never know if you will turn out to really like the person to whom you are placed with!
As well as good arguments, I also found many that were strongly against the idea. Some thoughts about arranged marriages were that what would happen if you didn't like who you were arranged to marry? You are only allowed to marry one of the people that have been chosen for you. Another point that was stated, was if your parents really knew who was the best for you. Most parents know what is best for their son or daughter, but is that correct in every situation? Also, there would be a problem with true love. Studies have shown that many people can't fall in love unless they find it for themselves.

In my opinion, I think arranged marriages are completely wrong in every way. First off, the reason parents think the young adults are too immature is...

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