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Art Banksy Essay

  • Submitted by: yellow33
  • on February 18, 2012
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Art is a form of communication. It’s another universal way of communicating. Like writing and speech, art allows us to express our thoughts and feelings. It allows us to get our ideas out into the world. It allows us to influence others. Essentially art is a freedom of expression. Banksy is a graffiti artist who has taken the freedom of expression to a new level. Graffiti may fall into the category of art but many refuse to see it this way because most graffiti has no creativity. It appears to be just a bunch of scribbles and lines used to signify territory rather than to express thoughts and feelings. How to we disclaim that graffiti like Banksy’s is more than just an act of vandalism to state territory?   Banksy’s graffiti is a new and unique form of art because as viewers we are able to receive the same experience that was initially felt by Bansky and convert these experiences into knowledge of reality without direct exposure.
If the experience that is felt by one person is felt by the next, then it is art. Banksy is a perfect example of the manifestation of his artwork to create a common experience. Banksy creates graffiti that can be found humorous to many. Among his artwork is a painting of a police officer handling a balloon dog, like the balloon animals that clowns are known for making, with a mussel over its mouth as if it were a real threat. It’s funny to see a cop, a symbol for machismo, to treat something with such little or no harm with such fear. Bansky has even used his imagination to take what is given to him and create a real piece of art. One painting illustrates Charlie Brown with a cigarette in his mouth holding a gas tank as if he had just set fire to the already burned down building.   Banksy has the ability to create a humorous artwork and allow for viewers to experience that same humor that got him to do the painting in the first place.
Not only is Banksy’s graffiti art humorous and enjoyable for many people but it also brings knowledge...

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