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Art Critic Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on August 4, 2015
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Art Critique On “Lungs Of The Earth”, Sergey Melnikoff

Digital art is generally made up of graphic art and digital imagery, where a computer is used during the creation or display of the artwork. The techniques of digital art are used extensively by the conventional media in advertisements, by film-makers to produce Graphic illustrations, 3D models – in Animations, Movies, Video Games and Computer generated images etc. Andy Warhol created digital art using a Commodore Amiga where the computer was publicly introduced at the Lincoln Centre, New York in July 1985.
The artist of the chosen artwork is MMF, or better recognized as Sergey Melnikoff. Sergey is an American classic of art photography, born in Soviet Russia, who is a producer and cameraman in over 150 different countries. He is the author of the series “An Hour of Adventures,” “Treasure Hunters,” and “There Is No Place in the World for Wild Animals”. Sergey Melnikoff was a Soviet dissident and political prisoner from 1981 till 1987. Melnikoff was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for “The Chronicles of Hell” International Exhibition in 2008. He is a graduate with three university degrees, including a PhD in biochemistry and an Ideologist of space tourism, which he prepared for a space flight to the Mir space station in 1995.
The technical details of this artwork have been taken and manipulated in Photoshop. For instance, the “paths” in this image have been created through digital altering, to give the illusion of the alveoli in our lungs (or the veins). Another important visual element in this artwork is the huge brown patch, covering one half of the forest. This indicates that our breathing capability isn’t as good as it should be, and is slowly decreasing our life span, due to the significant amount of trees being cut down.
The artist Sergey Melnikoff has altered various elements in this artwork to over exaggerate the message behind this piece more vividly. For example, he has changed the contrast for...

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