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Art Journal Essay

  • Submitted by: crystalp
  • on October 19, 2013
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I've started off my project by choosing what subject or theme I would base my project around. Knowing I wanted to paint people, I eventually decided on 'Family' after a mind map on 'People' as I felt most inspired by this. Choosing family allows me to express emotions of the people I am most close to which I hope will add to the general feel of my work. With a wide selection of family photographs available to me I believe this is a wise choice.

Starting point

Looking through family photos I chose to sketch a picture of my mother and father in the style of Kathe Kollwitz. At the time this photo was taken my parents had just met and there is not much sign of affection, there is no body contact or eye contact between the two. I felt this was a great starting point to show the journey and development
of family relations through time.

Artist Research

Using a picture of my mother and father after they had been married. You can see that they are in love as my father is holding my mother with so much care and admiration and my mother looks like she has complete trust and devotion toward my father, they both look very relaxed. On my visit to New Walk museum Kathe Kollwitz’s work caught my eye. Her use of media such as charcoal and effect created by contrast using very dark tones and light tones, along with her bold mark making inspired me. Using Kathe Kollwitz as my artist inspiration I have developed a pencil drawing which I feel bares many similarities to Kollwitz's work, with the extreme darks and lights in her drawings. I am happy
with how my story is developing but so far I have only used different grades of pencil for each picture. I want to bring another type of media into this.

My next piece of work I feel was out of place. It is an oil painting (using pencil as well) of Salvador Dali's 'The Dream', 1931. It bears no relation to family but I was aiming to learn from Dali to develop my skills in blending and brush mark making by copying...

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