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Artificial Intelligent Essay

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In this report offering a critical analysis of the ethical implications regarding the WePS (Web Person Search), other than that, comparison, contrasts, several arguments stated on published literature and reasons of the arguments process are discussed in this report, to make this report more contract and extra insight, the UK (United Kingdom) Law also discussed and identified. Several ethical issues have been identified in this report, which include data leakage, usage of AI (Artificial Intelligence), subject consent legalization, metadata data mining ethics.

Ethical Issues
The principal function of artificial intelligence used in web searches basically is the smart integration and collecting data from various resources (Kharif. O, 2010). Users who using web searches always do not realizes what kind of data resources would be retrieved and unsure every content that retrieved able to legally used or not. For instance, the web-searching tool is designed to discover useful information from WWW (World Wide Web), thus it will search huge number of data resources such as social networking, search-engine result, public media or etc., and all of these contents might not be permitted for legally used due to the privacy laws, consequently, this could cause raising up the question from user: Whether or not is these problem should be the responsibility for all user that incognizant breaking the law in their home country (Allen, C. et al, 2008)?

Therefore this ever growing and massive number of resource is a rich range for data mining study. Data Mining able to extract previous unknown information from data source that can lead to knowledge (Linoff, G. S, 2002), in the right context (Wel, L. et al, 2004). Etzioni (1996) defined that web data mining is used to extract information, automatically discover from services and web document. Marketing said data...

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