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Arts Essay

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  • on September 20, 2012
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PSY 482: Memory & Amnesia

Critical Analysis #3: Leading Discussion

Contextual Constraints on Memory Retrieval at Six Months
Dianne Borovsky and Carolyn Rovee-Collier



Background/Past Research
    • Context: all aspects of the internal or external environment that are present during a task but are not central to its characteristics or demands
        o Extrinsic Context: “…environmental surround in which some event exists or occurs, and it contains no implication that the context or the environment influences that event or target item in any significant way”
        o Intrinsic Context: stimulation in which an event or target item is immediately embedded and which give meaning to, interact with, or influences the perception of the event or some of its components
    • Extrinsic context has not received attention.   Why?
        o There is this widely accepted belief that infants’ brains are too immature to store information about the physical environment prior to the 8th or 9th postnatal month.
    • Studies with 3-month-olds have shown otherwise.
        o Infants activated a crib mobile (nominal cue) in presence of cloth line (context) over crib rails either in the same or different contexts.   After 3 to 7 days, change in context disrupted retention but not after 1 day.
        o Showing them that 1st day context reactivated their memory.
    • Overall this means: at 3 months, infants encode physical setting and that information helps serve a retrieval cues – especially after long delays.

Why 6 month olds?
    • At 6 months, learning is more rapid, new memories are remembered longer, and forgotten memories are reactivated more quickly; require more specific contexts.
        o Hebb’s Law
    • At this age, infants exploit environmental cues as landmarks (for spatial navigation).
    • Also, as children get older, they have more depth perception...

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