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Arts Essay

  • Submitted by: Lee0581987
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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In Class Writing Assignment Unit 8
Michael Woodruff
Kaplan University

Here is a summarize of a move cold is called later 49. It is about a fire fighter that is in a baring billing and he cannot get out so he is having flash back of his life win he met his wife and his kids and all of the stuff he went throw to be a fire fighter. I like this movie on what it is arguing is good do to that it tell you that they are trying to arguing about how life is so precious that you cannot take it for granite. The way the movie does attempt to persuade the audience is that it makes you a little sad when you are seeing what is happing that is fellow fire fighter cannot get to where he is at due to that there is too much fire all around him in the way and that the stuff that have fell in the building mad it where they cannot get to him.
Some of the visual arguments that the movie is parting is that the men that are trying to get him they do not what him to die but the fire chief and this chief was his caption when he first started being a fire fighter that is on seen toking to the fire fighter that is trapped told that all of them need to get out and it is too late were they cannot get at him. With all the camera’s angles it shows that they are trying to get at him from every direction and when they shoe that they cannot get at him they show that there is wall of fire around him and they cannot get throw that it was just too hot and too much of it.

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