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Arts and Music Essay

  • Submitted by: gunningr
  • on October 7, 2012
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Ben and Jerry’s Team Development Intervention case bring to light several issues for discussion.   The intervention was the result of Ben and Jerry’s as well as both managers and employees, that despite the company’s external image of funk, fun and love, they were out of sync with the internal atmosphere of the company.   The author of our text book, “Organizational Development and Change” was called in to assist the organization in getting back to an effective organization.
              We are asked to consider and discuss several questions.   The first question for our consideration is simply, “What factors are important to consider in determining whether a company or team is over- or under-organized.   In under-organized situations we will find that there is too little constraint or regulation for effective task performance.   Leadership, structure, job design and policy are poorly defined and fail to direct task behaviors effectively.   We may also find communication is fragmented, job responsibilities are ambiguous and employee’s energies are dissipated because of a lack of direction (2008, p35)
              When dealing with over-organized situations we may find that leadership styles, job designs, organization structure and policies and procedures are too rigid and overly defined for effective task performance.   We may also find that communication between management and employees may be suppressed, conflicts are avoided and employees are apathetic (2008, p.35)  
              Part two of the first question asks for implications for planning an OD intervention.   The implications, starting with under-organized situations drive the need to understand that the traditional method of entry, diagnoses, intervention and evaluation give way to a restructuring of the traditional intervention steps.   To properly intervene we should follow a path designed to reinforcing the organizing process.   The altered path involves the following four steps: (2008, p.36)

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