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As the Animal Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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As the Animal
By Emily Waters

Cruelty to an animal or animal abuse is the suffering or harm upon non-human beings. It could relate to the hunting an animal for food, fur, or any type of trade; it also turns to the anger and frustrated actions towards an animal, defensive or not. The Animal Welfare is human concern for an animal's position for animal rights in a situation such as animal abuse. Some authorities treat animal welfare and animal rights as two opposing positions. People argue that the animal welfare faculties increase the exploitation of animals; and others see the increase as a concern for animal welfare towards animal rights.
A defenseless animal is being tortured and humiliated all around the world. If you notice something wrong, be brave and stand up for the ones who cannot speak for themselves. We as human beings know that in our hearts, animal abuse is wrong and should be stopped.
Animal Rights is an idea that non-human animals should afford the same consideration and similar interests as human beings. Without being able to speak for themselves, anti-animal abusers came up with the quote "Treat others the way you want to be treated." for the relationship between a human and an animal. Passive cruelty is based on cases of neglect where there is a great amount of pain and suffering upon an animal. Examples of neglect are: starvation and dehydration, parasite infestation, allowing the collar of that animal to grow into the skin, and refusing to seek veterinarian care when an animal needs medical attention. Active cruelty intends on the physical abuse on an animal by an owner or non owner. Acts of this type of cruelty relies on psychological problems that is often associated with sociopathic behavior and should be taken very seriously.
A puppy of ten weeks old and 20 pounds, Oogy was tied to a stake and used for bait for a pit bull. The left side of Oogy's face and his left ear were torn off and his lower jaw was crushed by the impact of...

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