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Assess The View That The Modern Welfare State Is r Essay

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  • on February 20, 2012
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The persistence of poverty has been a huge problem for governments in previous years . although governments have attempted to eradicate poverty and inequality in the UK it still exists. For example, the ‘Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion’ report found that the gap between the average income and the poorest level of income increased between 1995 and 1999 the report also found that the amount of children from deprived backgrounds being excluded from school had also increased, as did the number of adults (18-25) with criminal records. This research and other studies that have been conducted clearly show that poverty is still a big issue within our society today.  
The social democratic perspective of poverty has developed around the concept of social exclusion. It defines social exclusion as the inability to participate in the economic, political, cultural and social life of society. It suggests that, whilst there may be many causes of poverty, most of these reasons relate to wider structural influences. Exclusion based explanations argue that the poor are in poverty because they are prevented from achieving by the more powerful members of society. (Marxist theorists would claim that in order to prevent this inequality and abolish capitalism there would need to be a revolution). This approach stresses the importance of a power gap between the proletariat and bourgeoisie. The proletariat being those who have the least power, for example, the disabled, women, the elderly, single parents and children   and the bourgeoisie being those with the most power, for example people who own means of production or can produce wealth for others via trickle-down theory (Phillip Green).   There are three main strands within this approach: poverty powerlessness and the labour market, citizen ship and exclusion and poverty and capitalism: the system approach.
The poverty, powerlessness and the labour market strand argues that poverty and powerlessness come as one, because in most...

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