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Assignment Essay

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  • on September 21, 2012
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Dr Elkind D. (2009) Learning from Play: in Montessori International April-June 2009
    • He explores the concepts of Repetition &Innovation in play.
    • Play & Work should compliment each other rather then contradict
    • Creativity involves transforming of reality but not all transformation are creative. for ex: In board games & sports we have to follow rules, there is no creativity
    • Work- transforming self into service ex: learning to use spoon to feed himself (adaptation to the demad of society)


    • Work and play, when come together they are most effective for ex: playing with geometric tray, by placing the pieces together, the problem is solved and work is done by positioning the pieces in their proper place.
    • Montessori M. said “Play is the child’s Work”
    • Play should be motivated for Child’s work
    • Many activities seems to be repeated with little transformation for play.
  Example by Montessori M : A girl was playing with objects, the teacher told other children to sing, march around her, but she was not disturbed she continued and after that the teacher gently picked the chair on which she was sitting, she clutched the objects and placed on her knees and continued with same task.
  She repeated this exercise for 42 times and then stopped

|Study Skills TASK 2:- REFERENCING, QUOTING and BIBLIOGRAPHY                                                                                                     |

      1. Reference terminology (from the theory of another author) correctly:-
The foundation for the child's development is concentration.   While we cannot make the child concentrate, we can create a 'favourable environment' that is conducive to concentration.
(Paraphrased from Montessori's book; The Absorbent Mind, page 202)
Montessori (1870-1952) believed that the first essential for the child’s development is concentration, which can be created by favourable environment....

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