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Assisted Suicide Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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Assisted Suicide 1

Assisted Suicide
Instructor Martha Stillman
Jennifer Roberts
May 29, 2011

Assisted Suicide 2

I do not think that euthanasia or physician assisted suicide should be an option for anyone. I do not think that anyone should be able to end their own life with or without help for any reason. I feel that life is a gift from God and He is the only one that should be able to decide who lives and who dies and also how and when we die.
There can be many reasons that someone would request assisted suicide. I think that the main reason a person requests assisted suicide is because they are in severe pain that doctors have told them will not get better. Every once in a while we will hear of a story about someone who was told they would not survive, or would not get better and they did survive or did get better. We never know what is going to happen and what God has planned for us.
Maybe someone would be told by the doctor that they only have 2 months to live and soon they would be in extreme pain. Imagine that this person chooses to end their life through assisted suicide without knowing that God was going to heal them despite what the doctor said. There can be many things that God has planned for each one of us and we never know what it might be.
I do not believe that any person on the planet has the right to take their life. It does not matter what they may be going through or how much pain they are in, I do not feel that they should take their own life. Granted I know that people may think that this is wrong of me to say since I myself have not been terminally ill or been in severe pain that could not be helped. I still do not believe that anyone but God should be allowed to take a life.

Assisted Suicide 3

According to the Bible, one of God’s commandments is that we shall not commit murder. Committing suicide is just as wrong as killing another human being and I feel that anyone who assists...

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