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Atomic Bomb Essay

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  • on February 19, 2012
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The United States of America really didn’t want to enter World War 2. Many Americans died during World War 1 and people did not want this to happen again. In 1942 the United States entered World War 2 after the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor. The United States did well in the beginning of the war. After crippling the Japanese army the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Japan.
        One of the first battles against Japan was the Battle of the Coral Sea although both Japanese and the U.S. military suffered allot from this battle, but it blocked Japan’s push south-eastward. The Battle of Midway later took place in 1942. The United States won this battle and the Japanese lost many of their best naval pilots. This ended the Japanese threats to Hawaii and the United States. It also ended expansion of the Japanese Empire in the Pacific.
      The United Stated then began moving from island to island where the U.S. captured certain key islands, one after another. The Battle for Leyte Golf then took place which was the biggest naval engagement in history. The United States also won this battle. The Japanese then struck back with Kamikazes, theses were pilots who believed surrendering would be a disgrace and they would rather fight until death rather than be captured. The United Stated did well in the battle fields during World War 2 against Japan. They had better equipped battle ships, airplanes, and guns.
    Japan had been crippled by the United States. Their forces were destroyed yet they did not surrender. Even though Japan’s army had been destroyed by the United States and because they did not surrender the United States decided to drop the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. They later dropped another bomb on Nagasaki, Japan. Both cities were destroyed and unfortunately many of the people who died from these bombs were innocent civilians. Today there is still controversy over the bombings. Americans wonder if it was really necessary for the United...

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