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Atp Energy Essay

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ATP (adenosine triphosphate) has been called the energy currency of the cell. Briefly outline the cycle by which energy is stored in and released from ATP. Explain the importance of the phosphate bond to this series of processes. Be prepared to discuss how ATP is critically important to cellular chemical processes.
In a cell, the enzymes have a reaction when the heat comes off and the enzymes do this by lowering the energy level. With this reaction chemicals take place in a cell without damaging it. “The most common model of enzyme interaction is the latch/key model.” (South University 2013) This enzyme interaction is the key for forming a new molecule. The new molecule is then released into the cell and the enzyme departures to produce another reaction.
ATP is produced from simple sugars through the use of oxygen. Water and carbon also play a significant role in the cellular chemical processes. The cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells carry out a small part of the process of cellular respiration called glycolysis. Glycolysis breaks the sugars down into big chunks but only produces little energy for ATP. Cells use sugars to make ATP. Plants use radiant energy to combine molecules together. Plants create their own food from water, carbon dioxide, and minerals through the process of photosynthesis. In this process sugars are converted and oxygen is released into the air. Plants are composed of living cells and cellular respiration is a part of their life. Cellular respiration and the process of photosynthesis use negative and positive feedback to control or stop the process. Negative feedback is when the process slows down. Positive feedback is when the process continues to move ahead. However, positive feedback is rarely found in the process of living things.
Homeostasis is not at a set point and this process is constantly changing. Homeostasis is when movements and communication occur to create a balance within our system. Some examples of homeostasis in humans are...

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