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Au Romeo & Juliet Essay

  • Submitted by: clariissa
  • on January 7, 2013
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Speeding up into a few millenniums, a new planet came about to where the descendants of Earth moved to after the great fall of Global Warming. Upon entering this place you could feel the tension between both half’s of its planet.   This separation had happened for as long as anybody could remember. Nobody even actually remembered why this feud between both parties had begun, but nobody dared to question it. On the Eastern border of the Planet lived the ‘Wealthies.’ Here is where anyone who had managed to keep the goods of the past and able to use it as advantage to others. They thought of themselves of being the “Perfect Society”.
Within this society was a remarkably stunning young woman, Lucy, with dazzling hazel/green eyes, waist length wavy curls, porcelain skin (everyone had this. Perfect duh!), but most of all wasn’t like all the others; selfish and rude. On the Western border were the “Plain Jane’s”. These people didn’t really care about how much money, or how good their clothes were. They just cared for each other unlike the snotty Wealthies. This is where the most beautiful, kind creature is living among, Ziall. With his perfectly tousled black hair to his god-like features including that strong jaw and body.  
Once a year, there is an assembly type of meeting where each side discusses the things that should be changed. Every year this meeting seemed to be one of the most bickering filled days ever. They meet up in Huggination, a city that is smack in the middle of the planet. It’s a mandatory event, so everyone was getting ready for it. As the Wealthies got in their high-tech space cars and the Plain Jane’s in the old fashioned trains, that could withstand any type of land, Ziall had a bittersweet feeling that something special was going to happen tonight, but it wasn’t going to end well. Leaving their homes waiting for what was to come not knowing how much this one night is going to change Ziall and Lucy’s lives forever.

While getting into each of...

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