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Autism Essay

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Autism Report

The topic for my mental health research paper is Autism.   I choose this topic because I never really fully understood what autism was.   The research I did helped me gain knowledge on the history of, life with, treatment, and prevalence of autism. I also learned information in many different areas on autism that was very interesting.Autism is a complex developmental disability that is most likely to appear in the first two years of one's life.   Autism is a a result of a neurological disorder that effects how one develops socially, and their communication skills.   Patients that have autism have difficulties in communications, and in social interactions.   Autism is a spectrum disorder that is defined by a certain set of behaviors and capabilities.   Autism falls under the category of PDD or Pervasive Developmental Disorders.  
The word autism means isolated self and was first used in 1911 by a Swiss psychiatrist named Eugen Bleuler.   He used this term to refer to one group of symptoms of schizophrenia.   Then in the 1940's US researchers described autism as people with emotional or social difficulties.   Until the 1960's autism and schizophrenia remained linked, until they gained further understanding of the two diseases.   Form the 1960's to the 1990's treatments for autism began and improved.
Autism is the most common PDD, affecting around 1 in 150 births.   An estimated 1.5 million Americans are suspected to have some form of autism.   The growth rate of autism is 10-17 percent annually.   Autism is four times more likely to appear in boys than it is in girls.   Autism has no racial, ethnic, or social boundaries.   It does not affect certain levels of family incomes, or peoples lifestyle choices.   Autism can affect any one in any family.
Autism does not have have one known cause but it is said to be caused by abnormalities in the brain.   Other theories that are being researched are that it is caused by genetics and also by the environment.   Not one gene...

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