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Autism Awareness Essay

  • Submitted by: ruchelle3
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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Below is an essay on "Autism Awareness" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Autism Characteritics and How to Bring Acceptance to todays   Society

In this Essay I will be discussing   Autism and its characteristics and secondly I will be
discussing   how we can   bring awareness and acceptance   to society about autism.  
Children/Adults with autism are some of the greatest and creative people a person could meet.  
I just want todays society to see that and understand that they are just not someone they can
just ignore and just pretend like that don't exist.   So I want to explain some basics about
Austism and kinds characteristics each diagonisis has.
Autism is a   condition which is   found more commenly in boys rather than girls. There probably
will not be any indication at birth there is a chance the child may be autistic. Signs that the child
is autistic may begin to show presence after the age of one and more promindently around 18
months.     Some of the symptoms vary from child to child.   Even though they are similiar mostly
all behaviors are different.   Brune stated "Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder
characterized by qualitative impairments in three domains: reciprocal social interaction,
communication, and repetitive behaviors and stereotyped behavior (DSM-IV). The etiology of
autism is multifactorial with indications of strong, but complex, genetic influence. In relatives of
individuals with autism, a high prevalence of characteristics and personality traits indicative of
deficits in social, communicative, and repetitive behaviors coined the broad autism phenotype h
ave been reported" (2148).
Some of the symptoms that an Autistic person can express, would be disinterest in making
friends, detachment from society, problems expressing themselves, unusual movements such as
waving of the arms,hand slapping and quick turning of the head.   Self harming is another
characteristic, the austistic person may bang their head off of the wall or floor, or slapping
themselves, this could come from being...

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