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Auto Industry Essay

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Auto Industry

Auto Industry

        The means by which an organization is ran and how it is structure has a large part to do with the control system that is in place.   This can cause the company to be productive or counterproductive.     A managerial control system is a system – a complex whole comprised of various parts, including human resources – personnel – and other resources, such as technological tools and instruments (Management Control Systems Theory, 2009).   The different instruments used in a control system should be aligned with each other and with the needs of the organization.   They should be effective tools that help the human resources – the personnel – to gather the information needed for effective control over production and other organizational processes.   Effective control systems should therefore include information gathering, analysis of the information gathered, and evaluation based on the analysis, and effective solutions based on the evaluation.
        The US auto industry was recently facing bankruptcy and/or possible government takeover.   Unfortunately, some auto makers are now reaping the spoils of government regulation, union excesses and management’s recklessness and inability to negotiate workable contracts with those same unions. The industry has been forced to look at its control systems and management techniques.   The self-reflection has sparked major changes. In an effort to keep the industry running many CEO’s have created a team to help create innovative plan and to restructure the system to be more effective and efficient.

      The Automobile Industry can be defined as an industry that produces automobiles and other gasoline-powered vehicles, such as buses, trucks, and motorcycles. The automobile industry is one of the most important industries in the world, affecting not only the economy but also the cultures of the world. The automobile industry provides jobs...

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