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Automated Pericardial Fat Quantification in Ct Data Essay

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Proceedings of the 28th IEEE
EMBS Annual International Conference
New York City, USA, Aug 30-Sept 3, 2006


Automated Pericardial Fat Quantification in CT Data
Alok N. Bandekar, Morteza Naghavi and Ioannis A. Kakadiaris

Abstract— Recent evidence indicates that pericardial fat may
be a significant cardiovascular risk factor. Although pericardial
fat is routinely imaged during Computed Tomography (CT) for
coronary calcium scoring, it is currently ignored in the analysis
of CT images. The primary reason for this is the absence
of a tool capable of automatic quantification of pericardial
fat. Recent studies on pericardial fat imaging were limited to
manually outlined regions-of-interest and preset fat attenuation
thresholds, which are subject to inter-observer and inter-scan
variability. In this paper, we present a method for automatic
pericardial fat burden quantification and classification. We
evaluate the performance of our method using data from 23
subjects with very encouraging results.

A recent survey reveals that over 64% of Americans are
overweight or obese [1]. Obesity increases the risk for high
blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Individual cardiovascular risk can be quantified by the Framingham
Risk Score [2], which integrates age, gender, total and HDL
cholesterol, and systolic blood pressure. In modern medicine,
fat tissue is no longer viewed as a simple energy storehouse
of the body; instead it is considered an active organ with
critical metabolic and immune regulatory functions. Recent
evidence also indicates that pericardial fat may be a significant cardiovascular risk factor [3], [4]. Taguchi et al. have
reported that pericardial fat was the strongest independent
predictor for hemodynamically significant coronary artery
disease (CAD) [3]. Wheeler et al. reported that pericardial
fat is highly correlated with visceral fat, suggesting that
increased pericardial fat, like...

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