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B120Tma01 Essay

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Part 1.
Carry out a case study of the Lodge bistro chain using business structure and report to Patricia Lodge with my findings.
              After carefully studying your business report, I have come to the conclusion that many of the problems you are experiencing are due to your formal business structure.
Here are the main problems I highlighted
• formal business structure is too weak
• inconsistency of standards,   across the chain
• more emphasis on making financial targets than on quality control and standards
• It is not clear to your staff what they should be doing
• managers need clearer advice to follow company rules and regulations
• more problems with staff   recruitment
Because the formal business structure is too weak, your managers and staff are not all working to the same high standards you expect.   This leads to inconsistency of standards, rules and regulations that all your restaurants follow.
It is very important to have a strong formal structure otherwise employees will not know what is expected of them or of the roles of others within the business. You need to agree and have written down the roles of managers and other staff and clearly state the standards and procedures that they must follow this will then enable a more consistent approach throughout the chain that will make sure that all of the managers implement the same high standards and procedures. This should then bring all the restaurants back in line with the same high level of standards and service that they used to be originally.
As you have seen, new managers that lack this structure tend to change things to how they think they should be, if they followed your strong formal structure then this wouldn't happen and this would strengthen the businesses continuity, because businesses need to change as times dictate.
Unfortunately a formal structure does not tell us how individuals behave within the business, this...

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