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Ba 578 Solution 1 Essay

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BA 578 Assignment-Sol- due by Midnight (11:59pm) Sunday, Sept 15th , 2013(Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4):   Total 75 points

True/False (One point each)
Chapter 1
1. An example of a quantitative variable is the telephone number of an individual. FALSE
2. An example of a nominal scale variable is the make of a car. TRUE
3. Credit score is an example of a ratio scale variable. FALSE There is no intrinsic Zero. An arbitrary minimum is established. Therefore, it is an interval scale variable.
4. The number of people eating at a local café between noon and 2:00 p.m. is an example of a discrete variable. TRUE
5. When establishing the classes for a frequency table it is generally agreed that the more classes you use the better your frequency table will be. FALSE We try to follow the 2k rule. Having too many classes is not good.

6.  The cumulative distribution function is initially increasing then decreasing. FALSE It is always increasing and becomes flat at the end point.

7. A Histogram is a graphic that is used to depict qualitative data. FALSE Bar Chart is used for qualitative data.
Chapter 3
8. The Median is the measure of central tendency that divides a population or sample into two equal parts. TRUE

9.  If there are 7 classes in a frequency distribution then the fourth class necessarily contains the median. FALSE It depends on the class frequencies

10. The sum of deviations from the mean must be zero. TRUE
11. The median is said to be less sensitive to extreme values. TRUE This statement is a relative statement (implicitly) comparing Median with the other popular measure of central tendency, namely, the Mean. But some students read the statement in absolute terms and answered it wrong although they knew that Median is not sensitive to extreme values. Therefore, I removed this question from grading.
12. The Empirical Rule is used to describe a population that is highly skewed. FALSE It is based on the symmetrical Normal distribution and can...

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