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Ballad of the Brony Essay

  • Submitted by: ttiimm89
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has completely destroyed demographic boundaries and brought people together from all over the world to share in the love and tolerance. Now I know what you may think, “why am I reading a paper on My Little Pony written by a 17 year old boy”, well I hear you. If you came up to me, or the other million bronies, two years ago and said i would not only be watching a show for little girl, but also obsessing over it i would have said you are one messed up dude. The truth is we the bronies/pegasisters love this show and the people involved. I hope I can show you the magic I share with so many others. My Little Pony (MLP) started in the 80’s as a show for younger demographics, not just girls but boys and girls alike. This first generation of ponies was very popular and with vibrant characters that kept the show alive like gargoyles, dragons, other mythological creatures, and of course ponies. The show kept it’s on until the last remnants of it faded in the UK around 1991, but the show didn’t die and in 1992 my little pony tails aired. MLP tails was targeted towards the teenage age group, with ponies going to school, hanging out at the local food joint, and even girl/ boy problems. This had a good story to it but took away from the magic and adventure that the original brought. Generation 2 was discontinued in the US/UK in 1998 and was ended in 2003, which lead way to generation 3 ponies which didn’t get their own show but instead a collection of movies you could pick up at your local drug store. Generation 3.5 ponies began and ended in 2003, probably because of terrible storylines and cut rate animation that made babies cry, and in the same year generation three ended. But, that isn’t the end of our beloved ponies for you see a animator named Lauren Faust saw the potential in My Little Pony and created generation 4, the best. Faust has a deep background in animation working on such shows like The Power Puff Girls, Fosters Home for...

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