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Barbara Hepworth Essay

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  • on September 18, 2012
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Antea Kasler
Ceramics 1B
Period: 1
Ms. Unt

The museum that I visited is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art located on 5905 Wilshire Boulevard. I visited a show which displayed the works of famous artists of the early 1900s to around the 1970s. There are different artists whose works can be viewed in this show. Some of them are Alexandra Exter, Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Barbara Hepworth and Lee Bontecou. The choice of works put into this show is quite eclectic. A very interesting work of art that caught my eye in this show was a sculpture designed by Barbara Hepworth in the Spring of 1966. This sculpture is named “Bronze with strings”. The media/medium used to create this piece was cast in plaster and then covered in bronze on the outside and cotton string were then added.   This particular piece is a part of the museum’s permanent collection.
The reason this sculpture caught my eye was because of the different aspects to it. This sculpture has some what of an egg shape, and it is two tone with a dark shiny bronze on the outside and a sort of light lime   or sea foam green on the inside. It is concave in the middle, and has an ovular hole that goes completely through the middle of it. The center of this sculpture has strings that weave in and out of the concave parts and through the hole to make an interesting design. Although it has so much going on it is very organized. The work can be classified as sculptural and therefore as a whole is so abstract, and its really interesting to ponder what was going through the artists head when she was designing this.
The artist used many elements of art to make her sculpture what it is. The three that caught my attention the most are texture, shape/form and space. The texture of the “Bronze with strings” was perfect. The sculpture was smooth all over, and not a single bump was visible. The glossy exterior of the piece was beautiful to look at. The shape/form was mind boggling. There was so much going on,...

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