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Basiccomputerskills Essay

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Basic Computer Skills
Mouse, Keyboard, and Windows
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Rev. 05/07


What is a Computer?
To put it simply, a computer is an electronic device that is designed to work with information. The Computer… 1. Takes in information, then… 2. Processes the information, and then… 3. Displays the results.

In What Ways is a Computer Used?
Just view decades ago, working with a computer was very limited. The average person had no need to use this technology. Today, not only can the average person type letters using the computer, but we can… • • • • • • • Send electronic mail (e-mail) to a friend in California. ~ No Stamp Required ~ View and edit digital pictures on your computer. Listen to your favorite music on the internet. Watch the latest DVD release on your computer. “Please Pass the Popcorn” With the use of the internet and a web camera, talk and see someone from another country with the use of computer. Pay your bills online. The future provides endless possibilities…

Do not let the Computer overwhelm you. With practice, using the computer will become second nature.

Rev. 05/07


So let’s get started…

The computer shown below is called a Desktop PC. (PC stands for Personal Computer). The Hardware of the computer are those components you see in front of you (and some that you can not see located inside the Computer Case): the Keyboard, the Mouse, the Computer Case (sometimes referred to as the Tower, the CPU, and often “the Computer”), and the Monitor.

Computer Case

Disk Drives for CD-ROMs, DVDROMs, or CD/DVD -Writers Memory Card Reader 3.5 Floppy Drive (not shown) External Ports Power Button Power Light USB Ports

Mouse Keyboard

Rev. 05/07


Inside the Computer Casing (the Hardware you don’t see.)

Disk Drives

Hard Drive

Memory (RAM)

Processor (CPU) Motherboard Video Card Sound Card Network Card

Computer Hardware Descriptions… • • • Monitor...

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