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Be a Butterly Essay

  • Submitted by: AnKhan1
  • on August 17, 2015
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‘The only source of knowledge is experience’. Like albert Einstein, Grace Nichols mentions a childhood experience at church in her poem ‘Be a Butterfly’ that later turned into a life lesson on the importance of freedom. In the poem, the persona laughs at her priest’s words of wisdom, but later realizes his message emphasizing on the importance of not letting society tie you down from having experiences which leads to success. Through the effective utilization of symbolism and tone, Grace Nichols transports us through her journey to infer the preacher’s metaphor.  
The message of the priest to not ‘be a kyata-pilla, be a butterfly’ symbolizes the importance of living more than a simple life. The preacher encourages his listeners to live an ambitious life, but the children simply laugh at him. It is only later that the persona realizes that ‘he was right’. The poet emphasizes that the preacher prefers the caterpillar over the butterfly, stressing repeatedly that a fruitless life leads to a lack of experience and lessons learned, having no impact on society as a whole. Although the preacher intends his audience to adhere to his message by following Jesus and being driven to life a ‘higher life’, the persona later learns her lesson through the stagnancy in her childhood and lack of experience outside of her community. Though the journey to reach these conclusions was different for both the preacher and the persona, in the end, they both agreed upon the quintessential freedom from societal restrictions that helps us achieve a more significant purpose in life. Unlike most people in society who shape their identity according to their surroundings to ensure that they are accepted, being a butterfly means being free of such concerns and living for your own passions. Just like how a caterpillar grows up to be   a butterfly, we should aspire to acquire more and more freedom as we grow up, so that as our lives come to an end, we are able to look back and say that they were...

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