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Be Delighted Essay

  • Submitted by: laurellecompton
  • on September 21, 2012
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You are invited to be delighted ... on a magical carpet ride:

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls listen very closely and discover the wonders of knowledge and the powers of a WISH........as I cordially invite you, to be delighted as you are swept away on my magical carpet.

I wish, I wish I could find all the knowledge in the world, and remember it!

This thought races through my tired mind as I lay on the carpet in my room, trying to study my work.
All of a sudden, there was a whirlwind of colour against the wall, a blaze of red and yellow tapestry rose from above the ground.

Feelings of awe filled my soul as the straight surface of the carpet began to curve and crawl.
The carpet formed steps, inviting me upon its magical board.
I asked the magic carpet to take me to a treasure, neither gold, nor silver, but to fortunes of untold measures. I asked my new friend to take me to a place filled with wonders and delight!

The carpet thought long and hard, and then nodded with its bright red tassels, whisking me away with the wind in my hair and excitement in my veins.

Watch out! I dodged a hasty Little Red Riding Hood, with the wicked wolf leaping behind her. There goes Alice! Is she lost in Wonderland? My carpet sweeps around the dusty bookshelf and hovers an inch or two above the ground...Strange... Why are we stopping?

Harry Potter flies past my excited face, leaving only a brush of cold air on my flustered cheeks. Cheerful songs ring out loud as the seven dwarfs match past my feet. Warm, mouth-watering aromas escape the pages of Jamie Oliver's cookbook and as I gently run my fingers across the old, dusty western collection, gunshots and horses make me jump away in terror!

I realize that I landed in a place where riches were not bound, KNOWLEDGE was for the taking.

My mind was stretched further than my imagination normally allowed,
As with each and every corner something new was to be found.

Rows and rows of books...

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