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Beaks of Finches Essay

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Title: The Beaks of Finches
Purpose: We did this lab to demonstrate how natural selection would occur in the habitat with different kinds of finches.  
Paragraph: This lab demonstrated natural selection involving finches and their beaks.   Seeing as finches use sexual reproduction, there is variation within the species.   To illustrate, different finches have different types of beaks which may or may not be helpful when trying to survive.   We represented the variation of beaks using tools such as pliers, tweezers, a staple remover, an ice cream scoop, a clothes pin and a baby spoon.   Because all birds need the same type of food and nutrients to survive, competition occurred on these islands.   In other words, the finches had to compete for food, and the finches with the best adaptations or beneficial traits based on the environment that they were in survived.   To explain further, the finches that had the stronger and steadier beaks had an easier time trying to pick up the seeds. The effect of this is that the finches with the better adaptations were able to survive while the birds that were unable to receive the food as efficiently eventually migrated to a new island, and even died out.   This is also known as “survival of the fittest” which is basically another way of saying the finches with the best character traits for the environment will survive.  
I thought this lab was very easy and fun.   I thought it was more entertaining than the previous labs.   The reason I felt this way is because it was more hands on, and more interacting with others.   We had a lot of fun and I believe that in doing this, I further understood the meaning of natural selection and how variation affects a species.  
I believe I had an advantage in this lab because the tool/”beak” I was provided with was the baby spoon.   The baby spoon was one of the very few beaks that survived till the end and this helped me see how even when a species migrates, competition for food still...

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