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Beauty Essay

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  • on October 7, 2012
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Beauty Essay

Throughout history beauty has been described in many ways. Some people think beauty is vile others think is wholesome. Every century beauty has changed and has become a new meaning. But beauty doesn’t just come from humans; it also comes from nature, truth, religion, life and art. Beauty has come from a long way and it has been considered most of the time as something pure, clean, untainted and fresh.
The earliest work has been shown in Greek work and philosophers. Symmetry and proportion were key elements in paintings and sculptures. They saw that beauty depends on attractive looks. If a human had fine facial features that are good looking that was considered beauty. Also, beauty was not just defined good looking, but it was also defined with inner beauty. According to Journal of Personality and Social Psychology beauty wasn’t only defined ass having good looks, but it was also defined as having inner beauty. Having inner beauty is considered oneself having kindness, sensitivity, tenderness or compassion, creativity and intelligence have been said to be desirable since antiquity. It is something that no one can physically observe. This shows that beauty has many characteristics and attributes for many things. Like, nature is beautiful when its fresh green it looks nice and pure. Or even animals are sometimes attractive with facial features. In 1809, Elective Affinities states that beauty is a very powerful weapon in society. It helps achieve more goals. It has a sense of success and inspiration. Throughout years and years people have seen fashion part of beauty and still in modern time see it as the “perfect” thing to be.

In 1735 Alexander Baumgarten created the word aesthetic, by taking the Greek word aisthetikos, which means “concerned with perception.” By 1750 Baumgarten limited the word to a concern for the beautiful. Beauty is what we believe and perceive as beautiful, whether it be because we follow the norm that society put out to be...

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