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Beautyful Essay

  • Submitted by: huethanh
  • on October 5, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Public transportation has been a very important part of the country. In 1995, 564.4 million people used public transportation. This number has increased tremendously and reached 2.2 billion people in 2010. It is no doubt that public transportation is becoming more and more important. However, the qualities and conditions of public transportation in Vietnam are questionable. In this essay I will mention the quality and condition of 2 kinds of popular public transportation in HCMC that is bus and taxi.
Firstly, the quality of system public transportation in Ho Chi Minh City is not very good and complete. For example, although the bus system is full of roads in HCMC, the buses are not often on time and late from 10 to 15 minutes, even 30 minutes in rush hours. That is not convenience for students and workers to go to school and company on time. In addition, mostly divers and conductors are not friendly and helpful. Sometimes, the conductors are rude with passengers. They don’t share the seats for older and pregnant while they have. Like the divers of buses, the drivers of taxies also are not less rude. The drivers are so negligent when they are driving the cars. As a result, there are many traffic accidents in HCMC, whose cause are the divers are not careful. If the quality is not good as bus and taxi, there will have more and more unexpected accidents in HCMC.
On the other hand, the conditions of public transportation in HCMC need to be improved to be better. It has not been paying attention and concern of government. In fact, upgrading the bus system still faces many restrictions. Most of The buses in HCMC are old and deteriorated. As a result, most of buses are not cleaned so they are not only dirty, but also sometimes have bad smell. Moreover, the air conditioning in the buses does not work that is so terrible in the summer, especially tropical climate of Vietnam. In addition, the chairs are damaged and in danger of being broken that is not safe for passengers....

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