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Beging Of a Health Paper

  • Submitted by: coopedak
  • on February 19, 2012
  • Category: English
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I want write my paper on universal health care and need to work on my intro.
Universal health care is where the government will pay for everyone’s health care needs. This would be ideal for the United States because there are _____ people without any insurance or funds that make them unable to pay for healthcare. Getting universal healthcare could help hospitals by allowing them to get paid the money that is owed to them. It would also eliminate billing notices, denying services that may be needed for a patient, and even possible lawsuits for unpaid medical expenses. “source” There for this would save hospitals money because it would cut the cost of the expenses needed to pay for claiming unpaid medical expenses. It would allow them to focus more about quality of care and other ways to improve the hospital settings.
Ways that we could pay for UHC could come from increases of taxes which in many cases would be a frowned upon by many people of our population. But what many people who pay for insurance do not realize is that the increase of taxes would be cheaper than paying for insurance policies. Factory workers most of the time are part of a group policy plan that is relatively cheap so they are not for UHC. UHC would be a giant group plan that involved the entire nation instead of just a factor, and would make cost extremely cheap to everyone. But with the increase of taxes and people being unemployed would cause a lot of commotion as well. For example a stay at home mother and children who do not have jobs there for unable to pay for insurance. In which we could have a primary person in the family would pay for the entire family and make a mini group policy. “sources” Students who are off at college could still be under their family plan until graduation and employment.
Homeless people who are unable to obtain jobs would be a different category because they do not pay taxes. With them obtaining health care and not paying for it would cause a lot of...

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