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Being Frank Essay

  • Submitted by: hotdogs
  • on September 18, 2012
  • Category: English
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Wes only did this to prove a point. He just wants to show everyone, especially Pa that he is tougher than me. It is not my fault he couldn’t go to war because of the stupid horse hitting his knee. Why take it out on me. Why finally stand up and push me under the bus to suffer. I bet this is all Gail’s fault; she never liked me. I could tell by the way she stared at me like she wanted me out of there and not talk to my own brother. He takes everything way too seriously; he needs to learn to relax. Why would he charge me for abusing Indians! As Dad says, they are only red meat, so who cares? I think I am becoming crazy with my ear on the pipe just hoping I can hear Pa saying he is coming to get me or, even better, Wes saying it was just a joke. I knew Pa was here; I could hear his voice even though it was very faint I still knew he was here to get me out. “Murder!” I heard Wes shout.   When I heard that word I froze. I couldn’t speak and I began to sweat. That stupid brother of mine. Marie was just an Indian that’s all. His pathetic little bit of power has gone to his head. I hope Pa kicks his backside.
Hearing I am murderer just shook me up and hearing my mum cry was the worst feeling, but it shouldn’t matter: those troublemaking Indians have ganged up on me.. How did they know I killed her. She was sick and probably would have died anyway. It is no big deal. What’s David going to think now? I always tried to show David what he could be: respected by his peers, a confident boy but now he only has Wes to look up to. I took my anger out on those jars filled with jam that wretc

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