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Belief Systems Essay

  • Submitted by: Samarasmsm
  • on November 12, 2012
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There are many belief systems around the world that are still being practiced today.   Many of the these belief systems gained massive followers from all around the world, and as a result, these belief systems have had a huge amount of influence on the cultures in the areas where they’re being practiced. Hinduism and Buddhism are two of the belief systems that are still being practiced in India today. These two belief systems have either served as a means to unite people or deeply divide them.

One belief system that is still being practiced today is Hinduism. Hinduism is the world's oldest extant religion, with a billion followers, which makes it the world's third largest religion.  
Hinduism is a conglomeration of religious, philosophical, and cultural ideas and practices that originated in India.
Hinduism is not really a single religion, but many beliefs that interact and blend with one another. Hinduism has no known founder; there are no creedal statements of faith, and no agreed upon authority.
Like all religions, Hinduism has its own teachings and some of them are Dharma and Samsara. According to the doctrine of reincarnation (Samsara), the soul is immortal, while the body is subject to birth and death. Many Hindus believe in reincarnation and they believe the action in one’s life can determine one’s fate in a subsequent reincarnation. Virtuous actions take the soul closer to the supreme divine and lead to a birth with higher consciousness. Evil actions hinder this recognition of the supreme divine, and the soul takes lower forms of worldly life. Dharma is a comprehensive ordering of life according to principles and practices appropriate for one’s age and station (“caste”) in life. This includes the basics of the Indian caste system, which segments people from birth into certain levels in society, placing each person in the caste where they will live out their life. Although national law abolished the caste system in 1949, it still remains a significant...

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