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Bell Swot Analysis

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Bell SWOT AnalysisDonna Darwin
DeVry University

Management 303
Professor Katrina Mudd
January 25, 2013
Bell SWOT AnalysisHistorically, Bell Canada has been one of Canada's most important and most powerful companies, and in 1975 was listed as the fifth largest in the country. It was named after the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell. (Bell Canada, 2011)
Alexander Graham Bell, who was Scottish-born but lived in Canada for much of his life, designed an analogue electrical telecom device that could simultaneously transmit and receive human speech in "real time" and in 1876 successfully patented the device as the "telephone" in the United States (U.S. Patent 174,465). Bell also patented the telephone in Canada and transferred 75% of the Canadian patent rights to his father, Alexander Melville Bell. For a few years, the senior Bell and Thomas Henderson collected royalties from the lease of telephone hardware to customers in the limited late 1870s Canadian market who either operated their own personal network infrastructure or subscribed to a third party telecommunications service provider. (Bell Canada, 2011)
In 1879 Bell's father sold his Canadian rights to the National Bell Telephone Company, formed in Boston, Massachusetts earlier that year by the merger of Bell Telephone Company and International Bell Telephone Company, which in 1880 reorganized as the American Bell Telephone Company, initiating the Bell System. That same year the Canadian division was renamed "the Bell Telephone Company of Canada Ltd." and headed by U.S. executive Charles Fleetford Sise from Chicago who served as its first general manager. (Bell Canada, 2011)
The first supplier of telephones to Bell was a company established by Thomas C. Cowherd and his son James H. Cowherd, in a three story brick building in Brantford, Ontario, creating Canada's first telephone factory. Thomas and James had been good friends of Alexander Graham Bell and had provided stovepipe wire with which...

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