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Ben Franklin Essay

  • Submitted by: BradSmith5520
  • on September 18, 2012
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Bradley Smith
History 1311
March 27, 2011
Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin was a very historic figure in the American Revolution. He had many jobs in his life. He was a politician a writer, a musician, a scientist, and an inventor.
      Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 in Boston. He was the fifteenth of seventeen children. Franklin loved to read, but his family didn't have enough money for him to go to school, so he had to work with his dad. At around 12 years old, Benjamin started to work with his brother James who was a printer. The brothers had a fight and Benjamin ran away to Philadelphia. Soon he started his own print shop and he started to write his own newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette. In a few years he wrote Poor Richard's Almanac, where he made up some famous saying like "early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."

      Franklin had a very good sense of humor and he loved to have fun. He made so much money from Poor Richard's Almanac that he could afford to spend time doing other things that he really enjoyed. He founded the first public library, the first volunteer fire company, the first postal system, and the first college in Pennsylvania. Even though he was born in Boston, he felt Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was his home.
One of Franklin's famous discoveries was proving that lightning was actually electricity. He flew a kite in a storm, and the kite got hit by lightning. There was a key on the end of the kite string which sparked when the lightning hit. This proved that lightning was electricity. Then, Franklin made a metal rod that protected houses from lightning. He also invented the fuel-saving Franklin stove, the lightning rod, and a special lens for eyeglasses called bifocals.

      Benjamin Franklin also helped the colonists. First Franklin helped stop the Stamp Act by telling the British that the Americans would never pay the taxes. Later he joined the Continental Congress to decide...

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