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Bench Marketing Concept Essay

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Marketing Concepts:

• Bench’s 4 P’s (Marketing Stimuli)

• Value Proposition
The value proposition describes what customer problem Bench is solving--essentially, why a customer will pay for the Bench's products. It also estimates how much the customer will pay, often in relative terms as a percentage of spending. The site can trace every transaction for every customer because they have a membership in the webpage; every product purchase by the customers is monitored.

• Consumer Relationship Management- (CRM)
The company can still keep in touch with the customers. Bench has a website or account in social media like Twitter and Facebook which customer could put in suggestions, comments or complaints regarding their products. This could help build good relationship with customers and make them feel that their voices can be heard and that they are part of the company. This creates loyalty. Customers can also do online shopping in their website. Ben Chan also encourages sharing pictures of their products online. This is a great ingredient in creating a strong two-way relationship with the market.

• Marketing Management Orientations
The Product Concept- Despite the fact that Bench is one of the famous global brands, still it retains its price control which means that mostly consumers can really afford to buy its products since clothing is a basic need of every individual. Bench also had adjustments on size charts for local and international markets. Bench also flows with social events and supports it, like the campaign for Ninoy Aquino when they printed yellow shirts. Bench also has many collections which different market segments can choose. And mostly, Bench has strict quality control on all of their products. In fact, Chan invests their creative team by sending them to different International fashion weeks to gather trends and latest designs.
The Production Concept- Bench ensures that their products are highly affordable and available. Bench has more...

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