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Bend an Ear to Music Essay

  • Submitted by: nalline
  • on September 21, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Nannette Alline
Ms. Richardson
English 1158
24 April 2012
Bend an ear to rock music
Rock music has always appealed to me because it was a way for me to release my anger. The first time I heard rock music was when I was about thirteen years old.   Rock music can be hard, fast, and angry.   Rock music helps me release all my pent up anger, without regretting anything I would have said or done to anyone when I was angry.   Therefore, I feel a peace when I listened to it.   I guess this music helped me be somewhat rebellious because my parents hated that type of music.   One of the first bands I fell in love with is Metallica.   Metallica has the type of music that was fast, hard and out of control.  
My favorite is the drummer, Lars Ulrich.   Lars knows what he is doing; he sometimes wears sunglasses when he plays.   Without the drums, this band would be nothing.   Now some people would disagree, but I firmly think that Lars Ulrich sets the tone and beat of whatever song they are playing.   The drums can make or break a song, the crash of the cymbals and the heartbeat of the bass drum sets the tone for the song.   Now that is something I love entirely a pounding of the bass sends shivers down my spine when he plays his drums, his hair would whip all around his head.   I love that someone could get into playing the drums and feel the music played from the instrument.   Metallica’s music is unique and when I hear them, I have an instant relief of anger if I happen to be upset that day.   One song in particular is “One,” it is one of my favorites.    
In 1989, Metallica came out with “One.”   I felt an instant connection to this song right away.   “One” starts out slow with just one guitar playing and then two guitars are playing.   The drums join in to give an explosion of sound.   As the band plays, the song gets faster and harder sounding.   The singer has a hard and heavy voice that completes the song. “One” is powerful, hard, and fast.   Aaron Copland states that most people...

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