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Best Things In Life Are Free Essay

  • Submitted by: cutyouin
  • on February 18, 2012
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The best things in

Life are free

  There is much to be said about today’s society.   The hustle and bustle of daily life can

be very gruelling.   We feel we have to buy things to enhance and make our life more

convenient.   But what about the things most of us take for granted?   The things we

know about and realize that they are good in our sub-conscious, but don’t really sit

back and recognize them.   A child’s laughter, love and family are a part of everyday life.

These can be some of the best things in life and they are free.

  Having a child is one thing that some people take for granted.   Parents having to be

responsible for them, taking care of them every day.   A roof over their kids head, food

on the table, school fees, daycare etc... can all be very over whelming, but with all the

financial and child rearing responsibilities of the parents these days, there is something

every child has, and that’s the innocence and care free life all children should share.

To see a child playing at a park, so enthralled by the simplest things, like making a sand

castle with a moat, telling a story to go along with the fantasy that they are living in at

that instant. Swinging on a tire swing, spinning, leaning as far back as they can, so

that their hair is almost brushing the sand.   Children have nothing on their mind but

living in the moment and enjoying life. Seeing their smiles and to hear them laugh

amongst each other, is all but one of the best things in life that are free.

  Love plays a big part in everyone’s life and there is no amount of money that can buy

true love.   A simple note left in the morning for your loved ones, telling them to have a

good day and that you love them; can make their day a great one.   To find a love note in

your lunch bag can turn a bad morning into an amazing day, knowing that the mornings

little frustrations are so petty, compared to the love you have been re-assured of by a...

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