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Bhavnath Temple Essay

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The case is about the dilemma of the Govt. for building the dam on the river in the northern part of the Gujarat.

Situational Analysis
After the independence the central and province govt. diverted their attention to overalleconomic development of country. As a part of it Bombay Govt. came up with proposal of  building a dam on Lokmata and Sadmata river in north Gujarat. In the 1
proposal which is plan I [see exhibit] looking at the better prospects govt. decided to relocate the people andtake care of their livelihood. After that govt. came up with 2
proposal, plan II which wouldfurther increase the benefits of social and economic development. But along with issues of  plan I it would require to shift the Bhavnath temple to diff. location. But the opposition fromthe people to save the temple put govt. in dilemma.
Problem and Causes
To relocate the people and take care of their livelihood is a difficult task and itsfeasibility was checked after 1947 and after few years in 1960 govt. has to check thefeasibility again.
Protests from the farmers will be a problem as there is no guarantee that farmers who willlose their land due to dam would get the same fertile land later. And also the farmers haveabundance availability of water due to geographical advantage. The relocation might not givethe same advantage. The farmers have more emotional value attached to their land and theymight not be ready even for a better land in return. So in both the plan I & II the protest fromthe farmers is the main hurdle.
The another problem will be the Bhavanth temple location in the case if Govt. decide toincrease the height of the dam according to plan II. The emotional and religious values of the people would place a major hurdle in shifting the temple. And also the temple has the ancientconnection with the Bhrugu Rishi. The priest of temple would not agree in any case to shiftthe temple at other place as at new place he might not earn enough...

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