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Bible Content Sample Exam Essay

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1990 Bible Content Exam

1. What did Jacob call the place where "he took the stone which he had put under his head and set it up for a pillar"?
a. Bethel
b. Beersheba
c. Haran
d. Shechem

2. What was found in Benjamin's sack of grain?
a. extra grain
b. a silver cup
c. money
d. clothing

3. What do the laws of cleanliness in Leviticus forbid the people to eat?
a. the blood of fowl and animals
b. animal fat
c. flesh that touches anything unclean
d. all of the above

4. In what way was Miriam punished for speaking against Moses?
a. she was declared unclean
b. she was banished from the camp
c. she was removed from her leadership position
d. she contracted leprosy

5. The conversation between Eve and the serpent focuses on the issue of:
a. apples
b. covenant
c. death
d. tilling the soil

6. Marked by God, dwelt in the land of Nod east of Eden, and built a city called Enoch relate to:
a. Cain
b. Noah
c. Seth
d. Shem

7. In the book of Genesis, God's promise of blessing to Abraham follows most closely on the story of:
a. the flood
b. the murder of Abel
c. the sin of Adam and Eve
d. the tower of Babel

8. The book of Deuteronomy contains all but one of the following:
a. curses and blessings
b. Moses' farewell address
c. the story of the tower of Babel
d. the account of Moses' death and burial

9. Abraham and David were both closely associated with:
a. Nineveh
b. Hebron
c. Jericho
d. Peniel

10. Moses' call to lead his people out of Egypt came while he was:
a. on a trip for the Pharoah
b. in Egypt
c. keeping the flock for a Midianite priest
d. working in the forest

11. Jethro:
a. counseled Moses to appoint able men to help him decide legal cases
b. brought unacceptable sacrifices to the LORD
c. complained because he had no meat in the wilderness
d. led a revolt against Moses in the wilderness

12. When Moses delayed coming down from Sinai:
a. Aaron waited patiently
b. the people made a molten calf

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