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Bicentennial Man Essay

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Kyle Flume
Professor Sutherland
February 27,2012

Analysis: Bicentennial Man
In the movie, Bicentennial Man, “Andrew” starts out as a household robot that is simply created to take orders and perform them in order to please his owners.   Andrew seems to gradually develop from a mechanical robot into a very convincing human-like robot and eventually asks to be declared a human by the court.   Finally on his second try, Andrew is given the name, a human by the court, soon after he passed away.   The philosophical question posed in the movie is what makes human beings different from robots or computers.   Bicentennial Man not only addresses this question, but also helps to draw conclusions.   A robot can be identical to a human; however, it cannot be a human because to be a human, the entity must posses the qualities of having emotions, being imperfect, and being mortal.
Regarding the Bicentennial Man, we may understand that an entity can be a human on the outside, but can never be a human on the inside, only identical.   In my opinion, at the point right before his death, Andrew was exactly identical to a human being.   That being said, he was not a human being, but rather identical.   This is because being human is about being imperfect, having the ability to make mistakes and learn from them.   At the beginning of the movie Andrew was robot in it’s fullness, because he was always perfect and made no mistakes.   In his early stages, Andrew tries to add human-like features to his body, such as a Central Nervous System, skin, and working organs, thinking that those were the only things that separated him from becoming a human.   The first time Andrew approaches the court in an attempt to gain the approval to become a human, his argument is that he may be a robot in the brain, but is human everywhere else.   He believed his argument to be valid because the judge, who is human, has some of the artificial organs that Andrew has designed, and is yet still considered...

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