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Big Data Changing Healthcare Essay

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Big Data – Changing Healthcare
Research Statement
This report will examine the impact of big data on healthcare; changing the way hospitals operate, healthcare professionals treat patients, and payment models.
The purpose of this report is to assess how data collection is impacting outcomes, access to care and the ability to sustain services under the new payment models.
Background and Significance
“Big data generally refers to information that is too large – terabytes to petabytes or even exabytes of memory – to process with older standards of processing power” (Dockster Marcus, 2014, para.2).   Data collection for Healthcare can come from a variety of formats and sources. It can be obtained from electronic health records, electronic claims submission and from the patients themselves. Data collection can also be internal or external, depending on the purpose of collection. Data collection is helping healthcare streamline processes, determine standards of care, and make information available to patients. This collection of data also allows insurance companies to determine norms for a diagnosis and makes it possible for them to set payments based on those norms. Hospitals that have not yet figured out how to trim waste may suffer under the new payment systems.
External data is being collected by governing bodies such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS) and Joint Commissions. The main focus is on clinical outcomes that are used to set treatment standards. Internal data may be collected for process improvement or research. In addition to clinical data, there is a need to collect opinion, incident and demographic data. Combined, this data is a powerful tool that is being used to improve the healthcare system.
Healthcare may be slightly behind some other industries insofar as the use of big data, but with the way people interact with health systems, payers and providers, the amount of information obtained has no equal (Williams,...

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