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Big Ideas in Science Unit 9 Essay

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Unit 9 Life and Science
Jason R. Combs
SC300-17: Big Ideas in Science: From Methods to Mutation
Kaplan University
Professor Brendan Haynie
September 04, 2012

Unit 9 Life and Science
Scientific method can simply be defined as “a series of steps scientists taken to acquire, test, and describe the natural world,” (Klappenbach, n.d).   There are five steps to the scientific method that are used.   The steps consist of making an observation, proposing a hypothesis, designing an experiment to test the hypothesis, accepting or rejecting the hypothesis, and revising it if it has been rejected; or draw conclusions if it has been accepted, (Helmenstine, n.d.)H.   Not every theory will use all of the steps each and every time.   The scientific method is pretty much a never ending cycle which always leads to more theories and more testing.   When testing theories, scientists should always keep an open mind simply because, with science, you never know what the results or the outcomes will be.   There are two scenarios that will be discussed using the scientific method.
The first scenario involves me arriving home late at night. When I walked up to the front door and unlocked it, I reached in to turn on the light switch, which is located just inside the front door.   To my discovery, the lights did not turn on.   The first thing I need to do is assess the situation.   I am going to look for any signs of forced entry, which is my first thought.   I see no signs of broken glass and the door was still locked, so I am going to rule out the idea of someone breaking into my house.   Next, I am going to assume since the lights will not turn on, then the power must be out and it must be out in the entire neighborhood.  
The next part of using the scientific method would be testing my hypothesis if the power is indeed out.   I enter the house and try another light switch to see if any other lights will turn on.   It turns out that none of the lights are turning on.   I did notice one...

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