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Bill Nichols Reading Essay

  • Submitted by: BrittPowell
  • on October 19, 2013
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After reading pages 50-52, I learned that in the domain of cinematography, there are multiple choices between types of shots, lenses and camera movement. First there are many camera shots such as long shot which is different from long take because a long shot renders the central characters as small figures relative to their surroundings. A long take is is the length of a single shot without changing to another one. There is also a medium long shot that is know as “Plan Américain” where the actor dominates the screen giving the audience a chance to focus on him. Medium shots and medium close shots go hand in   hand because they are both shots that focus on the upper part of the body of the actor. To add to that there is also a Medium two shot that is the exact same thing ,however it contains two actors in the shot. Another one of the shots is the close-ups   that isolate an object or the actor giving the viewers one and only one thing to focus on. Finally, the extreme close ups or choker shots is when the object or person that has been isolated if zoomed in so much that you can only see part of it. For example, when the camera gets an extreme close up of the actors eyes just before a duel in the Midwest.

Following the reading of pages 60-66, I understood that mise-en-scène is the arrangement of what is in front of the camera referring to elements of stage design like the walls , windows, furniture and props in theater, but in cinema, it refers to arrangement of what appears in front of the camera set design, lightening, costumes, props, character placement and movement. The character placement in filming is a very important element to consider when is organizing the composition of the frame. The main characters are usually the center of attention. However, if there is only one main character, they will be usually placed near the center of the frame. I also learned the difference between close and open frames, an open frame is what is inside of the frame seems to be...

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