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Billy Elliot Review

  • Submitted by: supersaky
  • on January 8, 2013
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Billy Elliot is a story that is charming and yet brutal, filled with emotional, touching scenes that will be left in your mind forever. It is set during the miner’s strike in 1984 that tells the story of a young shy boy called Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell) who is not able to express himself through boxing but by dancing in a ballet class, run by the kind but strict Mrs Wilkinson (Julie Walters). Despite his father’s first impression at his dancing, Billy is determined to prove his talent for ballet so that he can gain the family support that he always craved for, ever since his mother’s death.

Although the themes of the film were realistic, there was amazing symbolism in every scene whether it was hidden or very easy to spot, from the subtle scene of the dying industry and the heart-breaking incidental music as the background of the graveyard that Billy visited, to the obvious symbolism of him sitting in a small toilet surrounded by three brick walls and a door, trapped. The director, Lee Hall Daldry, obviously set the scenes and people in such a stereotypical way that most of the story mood was reflected in the sky as well as the delightful and original soundtrack and dances in the movie.

I found that each camera angle was perfectly planned out, so that in some scenes, we were looking at Billy and his surroundings while in others the audience saw things from his point of view. One of the most simple shots but effective, and also my favourite scene was of a upshot from the top of the spiral stairs with ballet girls climbing them but Billy standing, awed, at the bottom.

A lot of thought has obviously gone into this beautiful film packed with all the human emotions along with dazzling dances and legendary music, acted out by the perfect people, Jamie with the unwavering energy of Billy and Julie as frustrated, sarcastic of ballet teacher. It is a film worth all the five stars, the oscars and nominations, if not more. A must see movie.

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