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Bio of Me.. Essay

  • Submitted by: zancoriab
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: History
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Zan’Coria Broadnax
August 27, 2012

  My   name   is   Zan’Coria   Shakae   Broadnax   I   am   from   Dallas,   TX.   Im   eighteen   years   old my   favorite   color   is   pink.   My   family consists   of   the   Gardner’s,   Broadnaxs,   and   Williamsons.   I   attended   Gateway   Charter   Academy   all   four years   of   high   school.   During   my   high   school   years   I   played   basketball,   girls   flag   football   and   I   also   dance.   I   was   in   this   program   called   girls   to   women.   I   learned   a   lot   from   that   program,   I   also   felt   as   if   I   help   a   lot   of   younger   girls   stay   on   the   right   track.
  The   person   that   had   the   biggest   influence   on   my   life   was   my   Grandmother   (Hattie   Sue Gardner).   My   grandmother was   the   person   that did   any   and   everything   that   she   possible could   do   for   me.   I   know   you   thinking   where   were   this   young   lady   parents,   which   is what   I   was   thinking   up   to   my   middle   school   years. My   grandparents   raised   me   up   from   me   coming   straight   from   the   hospital   and   till   now. Yes   I   love   my   grandfather   very   much,   but nobody   was   my   grandma,   and   nobody   could   take   her   place.   When   she   past   in   March   2012 was a   big   heart   break.
  Over   the years   the   whole   WHAT   I   WANT   TO   BE   WHEN   I   GROW   UP   changed   like a million   of times. Now the three career aspiration that I have is: Finance,   is   my   number   one, because   I   love   Math   in a   weird   I   can   do   it   every   day   and   still   love   my   job   type   of   way. Advertising   is   second   not   because   I   like   it   any   less   because   I don’t   love   it. Also   it   makes   less   money.   Last   Management   I it’s   good   but   anybody   can   manage   something, I   feel   like   they should   need   you   for   they   corporation   work   not   just   to   manage   because   to   me   manage(maintain)   and   everybody   can   do   that.
  What   I   expect   to   get   out   of   college   is   Higher   Learning,   Experience   and   a   better...

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